Photo by Bill Sawalich.

Already more than a mouthful.

The best stories begin with silence. Because, as a species, we have grown accustomed to people not listening. Jeremy starts with listening. He waits for the story to reveal itself.

Jeremy tends to feel before he thinks. And he tends to torture himself to make certain he gets it right.

Simply: If there is something you know you need to say, Jeremy helps you say it - agnostic of your media. You should reach out to him via telephone, Twitter, Facebook or at Bigwidesky, a human business consultancy and his current place of employ.

What others have said:

Jeremy is one of the world’s most compassionate listeners, a brilliant writer and a guy who can deliver insight at a moment’s notice that will keep you up for days.
— Scott Ginsberg, Nametag Guy
Jeremy brings a strong vision to his work, and he isn’t happy with the status quo.
— Bill Sawalich, photographer