Antennas Direct released the ClearStream Eclipse antenna in 2014. It's innovative design is set to revolutionize indoor HD television antennas for the growing number of consumers who cut the cord. To announce the felxibility of its use and to make an appeal to the creative customers who use antenna products, KolbeCo (my agency of employ) was hired to create a series of uniquely scripted videos with their unique online audience in mind.

The videos also served as a catalyst for placing the product in Walmart and Best Buy location.

I handled the creative direction, screenwriting and set design. (I also lit things on fire in my employers' driveway.)

Production by Dan Duffy and Jack Twesten.

Editing by Trisha Kirk at Acolyte Creative.

Aciting and voice talent by real-life Anchorman, David M Collin Sr.

NOTE: The outtakes are great. Check 'em out.